The girls blur under cloudy neon lights
as she struts toward me in crimson spiked stilettos.
Each step follows each bleat my heart beats
as she sweeps the darkness behind her.

She slithers into the seat beside me
and unsheathes her tongue. It parts my mouth
with “I missed you” as her green eyes burrow through my shell
and fish from out of hiding my heart.

She presses her ears to my mouth and swallows
my words like a supernova. They pour through inhibitions she shatters
with her fragrance, and she transforms
them with heat into sugar crystals she feeds
back to me.

Morning arrives when she coos, “You’re beautiful, sweetness,”
through a smile dressed in virgin white.
I rip myself from the booth and drop a fifty on the table
and mutter flaunting every fang, “You ruined the verisimilitude!”


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