I thank you for staying over.
I thank you for your unobservance.
Your forgetfulness has given me my greatest joy – so far.
Beneath the small tan stitch of fabric
is an even tinier morsel – white gold.
A discovery worthy of celebration – for a few hours.
Alone, it’s nothing special – I’ve seen it all before,
but this one is priceless in sentiment.
A spike in value with your autograph –
the memories stained on it,
its inherent intimacy with you.
This is more than cotton.
It fleshes out the fantasies,
gives them touch, sight, smell,
refreshes old games with new possibilities –
all of which I’ll explore in the next 6 hours.
It’s Saturday – I’m home all day – I won’t see you anyway.
I’ll return them tomorrow at church.


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