Beyond Her Breasts

Peer pressure pushed my eyes past her breasts-
perfect pillowy jovial planets, firstborn twins of Aphrodite-
beyond the clouds to her face, a foreign place, the wilderness
of outer space. Deprived of sound, I drowned in noise
I never heard on the hills below. Soft serenity I found,
then forfeit for a siren’s song, remastered beyond truth
by naivety now lost, muffled by the white noise that never stops
once the dam’s unlocked. Eden plummets beneath the deluge
of the dead. Even the fruit lost its flavor. To a new home I flee,
snugly safe in the cave of her sister. Such warmth and security.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Her Breasts

  1. All the sensory images in this poem add up to this crushing, soaring weight of verse that really hit me right. I’d like to add your site in as a write-up on my links page if you don’t mind. I’d ask this by email usually but I can’t find your address on site. Let me know.



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