Early to the Bible Study at Borders

Delilah sat at the table across.
Her vest beckoned famished eyes to her breasts
Igniting lusts I hid but never lost.
Torn by the trials, traumatized by the tests,
I crawled out the trenches and sailed across
The sea toward the light reflecting on her crest,
Beyond the horizon, behind me the shore
I knew I’d never set foot on anymore.

Blinded by lust, captive of Philistines–
Perhaps I planted the seed in shallow soil,
But when she unbuttons her designer jeans,
I confess rapture as the honey trap coils
Around me–Babel rises again, leans
On hills as I die in floods and then recoil.
Forever trapped between two towers, but I
Don’t mind. Verily, I live when I die.


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