Minato’s Choice

Yukari’s beacon never sets–
a summer without end.
She’ll always be a friend–a loyal pup–
So he pursue rarer gems.

Mitsuru’s a jewel among the peasant class,
a trident tongue commanding waves
to topple the babble commonplace.
Unparalleled by peers,
the Babel peak unreachable
without strategy. He studies
unceasingly until he speaks in tongues
she prefers beyond the bonjour given to some.

He wins her approval.
He follows her to class and plays,
to dark hours her family made,
to lead the teams she delegates,
a loyal dog, a willing slave.
Mitsuru is paradise claimed
but she’s too busy with academics
to journey through the mall with him,
to call him every weekend,
to be a friend.

Yukari hasn’t changed–
still smiling when he passes by–,
but time she freely gave is now taken
by Ken, a boy more mature than him.
He returns to the dorm alone,
awaiting Tartarus, his real home.


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