Starfuckers, Inc.

I was not sure why I bought _Brave_ by Rose McGowan, nor was I sure I could handle it, but having started it, I know I made the right decision. As much as I shy away from current events—why read about tragedies I cannot prevent?—I want to see the world for how it really is, if only so that I contribute less to its misery. I do not want to worship false idols anymore. Idolatry is not a harmless sin.

The #MeToo movement began jovially. With Cosby’s and Weinstein’s downfall, predators would no longer have quarter. Victims would finally have a voice. That was the media’s narrative. Then women accused good celebrities, Aziz Ansari and James Franco in particular, of inappropriate behavior. Now even the more progressive among us mumble “witch hunt” in chorus with their Cosby-defending counterparts. Now they don’t want us to believe the victims. After all, it’s just allegations. “Innocent until proven guilty.”

It was no surprise that the media threw McGowan under the bus after the transgender activist Andi Dier heckled her during her book tour, nor is it a surprise that the media said nothing of the multiple accusations against Dier that date back past 2013. I have only found three non-conservative outlets that have reported on the accusations: The Stranger, The Daily Dot, and Pop Crave. The Daily Dot, while reporting on Dier, not only reminds us “it’s only accusations,” but also uses the article to criticize McGowan as much as it pretends to criticize Dier, as if believing an inherent difference exists between transgender women and cisgender women is comparable to sexual assault and preying on underage girls at the mall in any way.

Some say we should focus on Dier’s words rather than character. Harvey Weinstein said true things now and then. If he were to criticize Trump today, would we just focus on the truth of his words rather than point out the hypocrisy? If not, then why should we not point out the hypocrisy of a sexual predator criticizing a sexual assault victim of not doing enough to help victims of sexual predators just like them? Some say Dier doesn’t matter, but considering that the media considered the identity and character of a creator of a dumb meme Trump tweeted as newsworthy, I’d argue Dier is much more newsworthy. Yet I think the media would rather disregard McGowan as quickly as possible. She’s not only a wildcard, but she’s a white woman, and if there’s something I’ve learned from the reactions from Trump’s election, it’s that white women are to blame for everything.

I once thought that Catholic Church was uniquely evil in how it defended the predators among its flock, but now I know that it’s not a Catholic thing. It’s a people thing. Nobody wants to give up their heroes. Nobody wants to give up their narratives. It would make life too complicated. It would make life less fun. McGowan is right that Hollywood is a cult. We all want that Hollywood magic and simplicity in our lives. We would like to declare “Mission accomplished!” on #MeToo so that we do not have to deal with the downfall of more celebrities who bring the funnies to our jolly bellies. We do not want to be better people, but we also don’t want to admit we’re not better people. We just want to believe we’re better even if we act exactly like those we hate.

We can be better though. We just have to give up our idols.


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