A World Without Sin

My attempt for day 28 of the 2011 April PAD Challenge.

In a world without sin, no jealousy
would’ve pulled me from my betrothed, no lust
would’ve pushed me into her friend, no pride
would’ve prevented apology, no wrath
would’ve pressed her patience, no gluttony
would’ve pawed for fresher meat, no greed
would’ve pilfered her. I’d end up no sloth.

In this world rapt of sin, forced chastity
led me to pornography, forced diligence
lost me in circles of hell, forced charity
left me a pauper, forced temperance
locked me in walls, forced patience
lengthened my famine, forced humility
lushed me in bitters I hid with forced kindness.

In this world rapt of sin, my lust
drove me westward, my greed
desperate to meet my idol, my gluttony
didn’t stop with her, my envy
devoured your attention, my pride
dazzled you with glitter, my wrath
determined to destroy you. I was no sloth.

In this world rapt of sin, no humility
could corrupt my confidence, no chastity
could crush our consummation, no patience
could keep me at bay, no temperance
could compel me to fast, no charity
could consume our wealth, no kindness
could come without you–no diligence.

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