I couldn’t walk on water, so I drowned.
My waterlogged legs dragged me down
until I hit the ground on bended knees
in wait of machines to rescue me,
but I was never found. I cried for help
but couldn’t breathe with all the kelp
entwining me. Only gurgling sounds
reached past my mouth as I drowned.

Returned to the shore by a mermaid
who vanished before I woke a decade
later. I waited for her to reappear
but forgot her face throughout the years.
I drew messages in sand, but the waves
washed them away. I painted in caves
but nobody understood what I made.
The only one who could was the mermaid.

Again a slow start as I stepped off the shore
until I hit water, then I ran with a burst
until my feet set fire. A trail of waves
tried following me but couldn’t keep pace.
The mines ahead I easily leapt. The sharks
fell behind along with the moon, Sun, and stars.
If I walked or I waded, I’d surely have drowned.
To stay afloat, I couldn’t slow down.
The breeze blunted the burn as I ran forward.
Ahead awaited Avalon, behind me the shore.

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