No longer will I ask,
it’s become a demand.
The price too high?
Your pushed me into poverty.
Your debt towers heavens,
your slander will not topple it-
only your sacrifice, mutual suicide.
I died for you. You die for me.

Proclaim my debt to you.
I never crashed your parties,
I never pillaged your purses,
I never pushed you off the bed
and pulled the pillow toward me.
I made your bed, now make it yourself
along with your days and your nights
and your ride to work.

Ask for five feet of fluff,
receive fifty miles of an abyss.
Need a canyon of space?
I’ll give you a universe apart.
If you want understanding,
then I’ll give you a smile
when you realize your new boy
will not barter for what he wants.

One response to “Bartering”

  1. Garrett Macfalda Avatar
    Garrett Macfalda

    I like the new batch, Merciel. It’s got this spontaneous drive to it that’s either cultivated carefully or organic, and I’ve noticed it building in your past few posts. This is probably my favorite of them so far, though “The Princess is in Another Castle” surprised me nicely- I was expecting a Mario joke but what I got was a parable and something more substantial to think about. Maybe I read too much into it but either way, good work, my friend.

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