Drink as One

Another night
Another drink
Drink a pint
Drink till closing
Closing wounds
Closing thoughts
Thoughts of fate
Thoughts of the future
Future adrift
Future forsaken
Forsaken for others
Forsaken for miracles
Miracles needed urgently
Miracles never arrive
Arrive alone
Arrive home too late
Late to maturity
Late to the banquet
Banquet of beggars
Banquet without room
Room to breathe
Room to grow
Grow a pair
Grow apart
Apart from bad habits
Apart from the past
Past old wants
Past the fear
Fear of failure
Fear to try
Try again
Try a new plan
Plan to find fame
Plan to find love
Love grows fonder
Love will conquer
Conquer inhibitions
Conquer all anxiety
Anxiety disorders
Anxiety to perform
Perform an encore
Perform for a new audience
Audience in the mirror
Audience of one
One reborn
One free from the world

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