Grief of the Aurora Tragedy

A dozen lives murdered in Aurora;
the killer waits for justice in a cell;
the nation declares the real culprit
not Holmes, a pawn, but ideology.

Obama’s gun control shot that kid, some say,
others accuse a Tea Party conspiracy,
and some even blame the feminists, but
not Holmes, a pawn to ideology.

Whatever hint suggesting influence
becomes the evidence the tragedy
was orchestrated by the other team,
not Holmes, a pawn of ideology.

Meanwhile, the real killer’s forgotten
along with victims whose names we won’t learn, mere statistics on PowerPoints
to win debates against people we hate.

One response to “Grief of the Aurora Tragedy”

  1. conserv4life Avatar

    Truely tragic, gun control has nothing to do and wouldn’t of stopped that killer, check out this article Thanks!

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