Her Natural Scent

The smell of her skin exposed beneath layers
of vanilla-sprinkled floral fragrances was nature:
the smell of sapling trees after a humble shower,
grass freshly-snipped, still surrounded by the trimmings.
Nature’s nubile nymph given flesh, scent, stench
obscene to a nose groomed by doves and Ireland,
Klein and Armani, chocolate scents from artificial ingredients.
The fig leaves fell from the truth that stole her beauty-
her mouth, her breasts, her candy-coated scent-
and cursed her forever a primate, a beast, an ape beneath.
In a world uncorrupted by a new brand of Eve named Britney,
she might be named Beauty rather than just another monkey.

3 responses to “Her Natural Scent”

  1. gmacfalda Avatar

    Love the imagery here. Reminds me of some of Pablo Neruda’s stuff. I’m subscribing.


  2. nochipa Avatar

    Wow, first time I’ve visited here I think. I followed your link here to read. I’m glad I did. This is amazing poetry.

  3. merciel Avatar

    Thank you for your kind comments! It really compels me not to be so lazy and to actually update this regularly! THank you for the much needed motivation!

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