Day 30 of the 2012 April PAD Challenge on

The apocalypse will come not through the front
expectedly with explosions; all eyes
deadbolt the path. It’ll sneak inside at night
a rusty door in the cellar and hide in the dust
from our half-hearted vigilance fatigued
off lamb and wine. It grows as a cuckoo, fat
on our spoils, expands beyond the borders with
an appetite to plunder everything,
deny refuge for nothing to exist.
Our houses grow, accommodating life
too big to fail. When limits break,
so will our peace. The mansions made won’t fit
the lives we want to live anymore, and
Heaven lacks vacancy for our vagrancies.
Its golden gates are needle’s eye in size
to what we enjoy at home. Damnation
will come as worlds collapse beneath our weight
and all the swine run themselves off the cliff.Day 27 of the 2012 April PAD Challenge on

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