Mother Monster

The Fame.jpg

Your strut through Hollywood stole the scene.
Your glamour grabbed our eyes, demanded gasps.
Some flinched and fled, but those who stared
long enough saw beneath the cellophane
and found inside you a phoenix egg.
Its flames thawed us left cold, so we followed
you beyond the glitter. You stripped your glamour
and led us naked into the wilderness.

The Fame Monster.jpg

The trail you burnt withered the thorns
who tore us timid. We became monsters.
The most ferocious, fairest of all, you
never bore your teeth at wounded prey,
but savaged hunters who treated us like game.
Beneath the fur, you tasted sweet, soothed
the sting of life. Legions pawed at you
from the shore; you embraced us all as royalty.

Born This Way

A charlatan the Pharisees declare you;
forever you remain our Mother Monster–our Queen.
They see horns and mistake you a demon;
we devour you and taste your manna.
Your words resurrect the dead, your smile
uplifts heavy heads. Into outer space
we follow you–grow our own wings along the way.
They shun us outcasts; you redeem us royalty.

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