My ten little jackhammers shatter the concrete foundation
beneath me my tears moistened since May.
I dive into the grave and pull from it like a rabbit
the woman my friends and family buried in peer pressure.
I drag her through the front door into the bathroom
and strip her of the scanty red leather I last dressed her in.
I bathe in her beauty, immortalized in plastic and cellophane,
as the shower water frees her of the dirt I threw her in.
Pure again, I dress her in trendy new fragrances and makeup
I stole from other girls and slip her into a silk habit.
I bisect my bloody heart and feed her the larger half,
and I breathe every breath I’ve held onto into her,
and then I collapse to the floor.

She opens her eyes and lifts me up
onto my knees with her virgin perfect smile.
She shuts my eyes and scratches my head. I purr as I kiss
her feet.

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