Tonight, I severed the umbilical cord.
Blood gushed through the heart-shaped orifice
until each brittle limb chipped into dirt.
I lost feet with which to run
and hands with which to crawl.
I fell backwards into the boiling sand and behind me twinkled
the psychedelic stars of Sin City
contenting my eyes and whetting my appetite.

Father, please
feed me bread and shelter me in Your home
because soon, I will even eat the mud they kick in my face
as I return on all fours through their wide wooden gates
to crawl beneath soggy cardboard.

Father, please
send an angel to walk with me
because soon, the prince will arrive in an air conditioned limo to conjoin
with me, and as we drive back to his home, I will look straightforward,
gulping without breath the wine that he offers,
knowing that behind me you vanish into the background.

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