Taking Flight


Photo by Sandra Rocha

Rock’s said to fashion firm foundations
but falters during quakes.
To seeds, it responds rigidly;
in rain, it chips away.

Even shells of stone will shatter
when hit with enough force.
Raw, soft, naked, embryo
breaks into a new world.

The sparrow out the shell upset
the flock’s serenity.
They come to coo him back in place
in their lush scenery.

Each word they chirp–each accusation–
an arrow to the heart.
Their flattery is fit with fangs;
beneath each grin’s a growl.

To hide within the columbine
would suffocate him still.
His fight, his flight against the storm;
his Polaris, his will.

Ascent above the tidal waves
of piously dressed rage,
in flight toward the event horizon–
out of the golden cage.

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