The C Word

My entry for Day 22 of the 2012 April PAD Challenge on

You ruined the friendship we had
when you mentioned your religion
in a chat about our histories.
Implications made obvious:
Affections shown–a fantasy
to lure me to your velvet pews
to flail my arms to bigotry.
You spoke so highly of chastity,
but I bet you fucked any douche
adorned with a cross and bleached spikes.

I mistook you for a living saint,
but now I see every good deed
was only bargaining for souls.
The kids you lead, the poor you feed–
all pawns to turn you royalty.
I see the real you brandishing
a picket sign at funerals
of gays and Wiccans–mothers too–
spreading love with double-edged words–
hidden daggers on the tip of your tongue.

I mistook you intelligent
when we studied geometry
in my tomb with coffee and the Cure.
I tutored you Science–fiction
according to your Nicene Creed.
Truth doesn’t jive with Adam and Eve.
How do you interpret the stars?
Do you see the fusion of lights
or think it all angels and signs?
No need to speak; I know your type.

I mistook you for my closest friend
when you walked me to class each day
before you journeyed to your own.
To waste your time on talking to me
was your personal Golgotha–
but I’m the one left crucified.
Affections analyzed, revealed
to be nails through my hardened hands
into rusty crosses I thought
I shattered. Double-crossed by you.

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