The Massage

I placed my tithe into her sandy hands.
She stuffed the holy hundred into her briefs
and led my by my crotch into her bedroom
where I sat on a bed stained in the musk of men
for forty-five minutes

Forty-five minutes wormed by before she returned
with a bottle of baby lotion and a towel (both from the dollar store).
She turned me on my stomach and peeled off my clothes
as my burning face burrowed into the unwashed sheets below.

Her hands licked me like a tiger’s tongue
as she probed random spots on my back.
She flipped me around and flicked a few crumbs off my body
before clamping my shaft like a vice with her rough hands.

She jerked up and down a few strokes
before the white liquid erupted onto her broken lips.
She vomited what little she swallowed of me
just like everybody else.

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