Before me stands a kid about five feet
with innards burning red and violent green
hidden beneath a face of baby pink.
Released from his shell, given second birth,
he devoured loved ones like they’re dessert
and with hasty fists destroyed the world.
He leaps from the cracks into Heaven. Pain
he begot bleeds into me and inflames
my heart. During my nap he stole and ate
the world. Through jaded eyes I see his fate
belongs to me. I claw for strength
to kill the devil I grudgingly face.

The world trembles fearfully underneath
me as the tide leaps up to reach the peak.
My eyes shine with the tint of nature’s green
and golden locks weave through my seams.
The sun’s eclipsed as Light engulfs me
and within me the sky and the sea meet.

Now ready to face the devil I breathe
solid spirit fueled by losses he brings.
Ahead some paces on ground with firm feet
beating his chest, he’s waiting for me.

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