Viva La Vita

Metallic gloss through onyx reflections,
Avalon allusions through silver trim,
tradition tempered through familiar face
evolved with sensitivities to touch.
The front, the back reacts to each caress,
the twin nubs spring up with each flickering thumb,
the eyes capture sights ahead and behind
fusing fantasy with reality.
Flashes full of memories and melodies,
lights shining brightest on the perfect blackness,
motions followed without a breadth with each pivot
without the strain uttered through a hiss or a buzz.
Potential present even at infancy,
the daughter to parallel the mother’s strength
if not through force, then through a post-modern style,
a pixie flowing with titanic power.
Unwilling to sell herself at a loss,
she vindicates her hubris by inches,
not just another toy to play old games
but a new life experience.

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