White Acropolis: Suburban War

This is my entry for Day 2 of the 2012 April PAD Challenge on WritersDigest.com. The prompt is to write about a visitor.

Immaculate streets become battlefields
as patriots fight–stand their ground against
black-clad invaders armed with sweet arsenal
and white earbuds. The chaos ensues–shortcuts
across trimmed lawns, jaywalking silent streets,
humming to music downloaded for free.
No bleach can wash away the stains they leave
on virgin property fairly bequeathed
by the old natives. Canaanites cannot
reclaim what God has gave. To coexist
is cowardice. One must either flee night
approaching like mice in race with black cats
or fight to live in property free
of devaluing blemishes. The jackals
can go away–with Christ–back to the slums
or they can stay in coffins underneath.

2 responses to “White Acropolis: Suburban War”

  1. cityofcircuits Avatar

    I really like this. Such dire circumstances….very descriptive and great imagery here.

  2. Ken W. Simpson Avatar

    An environmental truism expressed with verve and imagination.

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