Full Release

When sick of her, the best relief
is full release upon her face
of every reason, every grief
(done publicly to her disgrace).

Suffer a bitch: Suffer in vain.
Bile boils out your mouth, if not on
her, on your friend. The bitch remains,
but the one you love will be gone.

Her flattery’s dead calories–
Repentance, vain repetitions.
Forgiven debts cause bankruptcy–
Dignity demands repossession.

Shout every word at her untamed–
Leave her no doubt you two are dead.
You lose her body, but you gain
your self-respect–a better friend.

2 responses to “Full Release”

  1. T.C. Stevenson Avatar

    Wow this is really raw and dark. I liked it though. Especially the line “Dignity demands repossession”. Great poem

  2. Merciel Avatar

    Thank you for your kind words. I like that line too and feel I should try to do more with it.

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