Morning Star

Day 23 of the 2012 April Pad Challenge by

Horizon beneath the onyx canvas
bleeds with a watermelon tinge.
The rooster’s crow, the alabaster kiss
herald the Sun’s resurrection.

Specters congregated to haunt the night
exposed to be but naked trees.
Chills of Winter fog dissipated by
effervescent threads from the Spring.

Star from the East, ascend to the mountain–
beatify the forsaken ground.
Blunt the chill’s sting with golden redemption–
adorn the Earth with ivory crowns.

The starless night struck by the tangerine tint–
asunder dashed by the Morning Star’s ascent.

2 responses to “Morning Star”

  1. cityofcircuits Avatar

    Wonderful again.

    I especially liked,”the starless night struck by the tangerine tint”
    I love the use of ‘tangerine’ as a description-it really ‘pops’.

    “The alabaster kiss”….

    I really like your choice of words for descriptions. I am really perplexed why you don’t have more admirers. I think you will have plenty one day.

  2. Angel Villagomez Avatar

    Thank you for your kind words!

    I blame my own laziness mostly, but I’m trying to be more consistent about this blog these days. :)

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